The 5 Biggest Data Security

The 5 Biggest Data Security

The 5 Biggest Data Security 

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The 5 Biggest Data Security

What is data security?

If your company is a gambling concern, you can’t allow consumers to deposit money, gamble, and withdraw winnings.

You have to secure the money for the integrity of your business. Likewise, if you’re a charity and you’re not worried about fraudsters stealing the money from the phones of victims of domestic violence, for example, then the money that’s donated is potentially at risk.

Data security is essentially being able to protect the integrity of your business and your brand and from the theft of confidential and important information.

Cybercriminals are going after the most valuable information, and even using the most common computer viruses to get their hands on the data.

What is a data breach?

Data breaches are defined as the leakage, unauthorized access to or disclosure of protected data.

A data breach is when sensitive data—in some cases including customer or employee account information—is accessed or taken by an unauthorized individual or entity.

A breach might involve any type of data, from intellectual property to personally identifiable information, and can take place over the span of a few hours to many years.

Incident Management/Active Response:

The goal of an Incident Management or Active Response Director is to oversee and ensure the organization meets internal, external and company-specific compliance requirements, including records retention policies.

This includes creating and maintaining an active incident response plan, as well as event logs and incident management data.

An incident management or active response director’s role includes setting an organization’s priorities for response to a data breach, monitoring critical incident response processes, participating in a top-down event structure, integrating incident response procedures with other areas of the enterprise, and helping to build a comprehensive incident response infrastructure and execution capabilities.

How Can Data Breach be Prevented?

Resolving to hire a data breach prevention specialist is the first step you can take to try and keep your information safe How Should a Data Breach be Solved?

The most effective way to stop data breaches from happening is to follow a few basic rules to establish a data breach prevention plan and achieve the results you want How Can I Proactively Protect My Company’s Information?


Companies today are rapidly adopting cloud-based technologies to streamline and standardize their security operations and to better monitor their security for threats.

However, there are still issues associated with integration, security regulations and concerns around GDPR and other regulations, where using cloud-based solutions adds an extra layer of complexity.

As has been stated many times, only a secure data center can protect against data breaches.

An integrated security strategy consisting of a data center, SaaS and other layers and in conjunction with a security operations center can help organizations identify and minimize risk to their data assets and eliminate possible breaches. Ivan Soffin, CEO and Founder of Votiro , Inc.


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