The 10 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

The 10 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

The 10 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Start – The 10 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

The 10 Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents


What would be better than working with the best? Working with the most experienced sales team? Or being one of the most awarded dealerships in the country? Today, we’ll be discussing why we consider being among the top truck dealerships in Texas to be a great privilege and something to be proud of.

Here are the top 10 most common causes of truck accidents on the road and what to look out for in case you witness one. High speed is known to be the number one cause of accidents in trucks. Be sure to maintain a safe following distance when traveling at high speeds.

But if you’re traveling at a lower speed on the highway and your trailer starts fishtailing, it is likely that you will encounter a side swipe crash, which is far less likely to result in serious injuries.

The 10 Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In spite of your best efforts, sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned. Here at McDavid Ford, we want to help keep your truck on the road so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I’ve made over the years. Top Ten Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents 1. Truck and trailer crossing over centerline.

The truck driver was passing the slower car in the lane next to him, and he ended up crossing the centerline of the highway. That driver slammed on the brakes and swerved off the road, causing his car to flip over. That can result in massive injuries for you or your passengers, and it could even be fatal.

This is actually a very common accident and I’ve witnessed it multiple times on my own truck, just in the wrong spot. Make sure you don’t drive over the centerline of the road.

How to Avoid Truck Accidents

Many times people underestimate the weight capacity of their truck, but it’s important to know the limitations of your vehicle before putting any weight on it. When driving a truck, weight needs to be distributed evenly on all four tires. Here are 10 common causes of accidents with large trucks:

Heavy Loads Too Close To One Another For example, if you are driving a 1 ton dually truck with two smaller 10-foot trailers behind it, do not try to squeeze the trailer between your truck and another vehicle. Most large trucks should never exceed a 65 mile per hour speed limit, in addition to other safety precautions to avoid accidents with your other vehicles. 2.


When you plan for your vehicle, make sure that you do so with a knowledgeable and highly-qualified team that works on your behalf to make sure you drive home safe and sound every single time you get behind the wheel of your new ride.

To contact your local McDavid Ford and ask about a pricing quote, call them now at (806) 271-2856, or visit them at 1417 South Kansas Avenue, Mesquite, Texas 76401.

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