Meditation to Calm the Mind

Meditation to Calm the Mind

Meditation to Calm the Mind

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Meditation to Calm the Mind

It’s not easy to silence the mind . Calming the mind means not letting it run here and there as it wants . We calm the mind through the physical senses , the body , and the environment . Sometimes we limit the movements of the body , limit our diet , and limit our talk . Little by little we go from the gross to the subtle part of the individual.

Remember , the main aim or goal of Yoga is to have good control over the mind . To keep the mind clean and serene is all that is necessary to reflect the inner light or the God within . As long as the mind is restless and constantly creating waves on its surface , you are not able to get the correct reflection . That’s why a tranquil mind is the goal .

Learn to control the thoughts so you can create any thought you want . This mastery makes the mind your tool . If you can make your mind pure , then the whole world is your friend , Once you have mastered the art of reaching the mental silence and are established in it , then you can create thoughts .

Many people think , ” What is the use of me controlling my mind making it blank without any thoughts ? Am I going to be like a stone ? Shouldn’t I be out serving people or doing something with many responsibilities ? ” You can fulfill all your responsibilities and serve humanity greatly by achieving this control .

If , after finding tranquility , you go out to serve , you are still creating thoughts — but thoughts of serving others . They are selfless thoughts . Even if such thoughts arise in the mind they won’t affect its tranquility . That’s why dedicated people never have worries , anxiety , or restlessness . They are permanently joyous .

Yoga aims to demagnetize the mind that has forgotten its true nature and now wants to do one thing or another in order to seek happiness . The Yoga practices are just undoing what you have done earlier . But even to undo , you have to do something course , you need not practice anything if something that now must be undone .

So , all these practices are just undoing , unwinding , loosening up again , and relaxing . Until you unwind , you will be swinging like the pendulum from excited mind to depressed mind , back and forth again and again . Once you begin to loosen up again , the swinging becomes less and less . At a certain point you are totally unwound .

Then you simply find your neutrality , your center of gravity , and rest . Even this thirst to find that neutral position – an earnest desire to reach tranquility – causes people to get bumped around or knocked here and there . You know people who say , ” Oh I’m just knocking around .

While knocking around they get plenty of knocks , until they realize it’s obnoxious – or until they finally get knocked out . These knocks we incur swinging back and forth lead us home to the tranquil state that always reflects our true Self . This purity of mind is what young people call being ” high .

” We’re all born high by nature . We shouldn’t do anything that will bring us down or destroy the peace of the mind . Left alone , the mind is undisturbed and reflects our joyous nature . The great sage Bhagavan Patanjali , the father of Yoga philosophy , is said to have lived some two thousand years ago . He formulated the Yoga Sutras , or aphorisms , known as Raja Yoga or the Royal Path , sometimes called Ashtanga Yoga or eight – limbed Yoga .

He says control of the thought – forms that arise in the mind – stuff is Yoga . The aspirant who would calm the mind must carefully follow certain ethical codes of living . The first limb is Yama ; the second is Niyama . These are the do’s and do not’s . Thou shalt not cause injury . Thou shalt not lie . They are almost the same as the Ten Commandments

. Non – violence , truthfulness . Thou shalt not steal , which means not only avoiding robbing others ‘ property , but not even stealing their thoughts . If you want to use somebody’s thought , then quote him or her . Many times we just use others ‘ ideas as our own . Non – hoarding is also in the code .

If you hoard more than you need , you are going against Yoga . Patanjali says that tranquility of mind is the aim of Yoga , without which you cannot gain anything higher . Call it God , Nirvana , or Self – realization . Whatever it may be called , purity of mind is the most important . That’s the requisite . But to maintain the purity of mind , one has to follow these codes .

Someone who believes in violence and continues causing injury to others can never be peaceful . The one who tells a lie can never be peaceful and pure . The one who hoards too many things can never be peaceful or happy . By living ethically according to these codes you prepare your mind to receive the grace .

Those who open the window receive the light . Those who spread the sail go sailing . Know that it’s not the Self that needs Yoga . The Self is always tranquil . But the limited mind goes through these practices to expand and see the Self clearly . Then , when the Seer sees its Self and rests in its true nature , it sees the real face which is never disturbed .

You are the image of God . You are the Infinite by yourself . How will you know when you have again returned to this state ? When you are in a peaceful life beyond all dualities .

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