How to be a Success ?

How to be a Success ?

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How to be a Success ?

How can success be measured?

Success must not be measured in terms of money, power, prestige, influence, education or standing in society. For a man may have all of these and yet his life may be full of misery, unhappiness, moral corruption and ineffectiveness.

Success should be measured by the yardstick of happiness, the ability to be happy and make others happy, the ability to be loved and to love, the ability to remain in peaceful harmony with those around you, with your own self and with God’s cosmic laws. Success has three dimensions- the first is length, which is concerned with a man’s material needs, his hopes and aspirations, his desires and dreams.

The second dimension is breadth, for the truly successful man should go beyond himself and reach outward to others. The third dimension is height; he must go high and tap the hidden source of supply and wisdom which we call God.

Can you give us a software for success? The software for success may be spelt out as:

1. Do only that which you feel is right and true. Nothing in life brings about failure more surely than lack of integrity.

2. Do your best each day. Let this be the motto of your life: only the best is good enough for me! When you give to the world the best you have, the best will come back to you.

3. Fully trust in the divine wisdom that designs and orders the scheme of things. There is a meaning of mercy in all that happens.

4. Plan for today. Budget your time. The truly successful man fits 26 hours into a day of 24, cutting down waste. Take care of every moment of your time.

5 .Begin the day right! Wake up, cach morning, full of hope and expectation.

6. Never give up! Persistence is the law of success!

7. Tact is better than talent.

8. Stay Young all your life! Age is a state of mind.

9. Reach out to others. You succeed in the measure in which you help others to succeed.

 What is a truly successful and fulfilled life?

Success is very often confounded with making money plenty of money, and with gaining prestige and reputation. True success does not lie in these things. True success is freedom and fulfilment. If you have freedom, if you have fulfilment, you have truly succeeded.

Freedom from what?

Freedom from the thralldom of the sense and the mind. We are prisoners. I remember, several years ago, we were in Karachi and Sadhu Vaswani was taking a walk on the terrace of his house. As he looked down into the street, he exclaimed, “Prisoners! Prisoners!” I looked down, but found no prisoners at all.

It was true the house in which we lived was not very far from the Karachi Jail. But there were no prisoners at that time in the street. Some people were walking, some were on bicycles, others were moving about in cars. So I asked Sadhu Vaswani, “Where are the prisoners?” And he said, “Prisoners of desires are the people. Alas, they know not of their bondage!” Yes, we are all prisoners.

We are prisoners of desire. But we know not of our bondage. We regard ourselves as free, but we are not. It is when you gain freedom and fulfilment, that you achieve true success.

True success belongs to the person who completely dedicates himself to the Lord, who works on this earth plane only as an instrument of the Lord. In the Gita, Sri Krishna says to Arjuna, You must be a nimitkarana. You must go and work as an must instrument. Then, when you kill you do not kill.” Let us become instruments of the Lord, instruments of His mercy in this world of suffering and pain.


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Author – J.P.Vaswani

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